2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S in Revere MA

2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S in Revere MA

2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S in Revere MA
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S Overview

Are you ready to cruise in style? The all-new 2021 Low Rider® S is ready to blast off at the intersection! Loaded with iconic low-rider swagger and appeal, this West Coast bike is like nothing you’ve ever ridden before. It has high bars and plenty of horsepower for superior control and performance. Then, it comes with a premium suspension setup so it’s tuned for aggressive riding. Powered by a potent Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine, you can ride for mile after thrilling mile in swagger-infused style. Then, its accents and cues have been ingeniously inspired by the coastal garage-built custom scene of California. Now, let’s go over its ride quality! If you love blacked-out performance-cruisers, then the Low Rider® S is definitely a speed machine that you’ll want to consider buying. It has been carefully designed to create a feeling of high-end aggression that will turn heads anywhere. You’ll love the torque produced by this bike’s fine-tuned Milwaukee-Eight® 114 Engine. When you hit the entrance ramps, you can fly onto the freeway with complete freedom and confidence. Moreover, passing other vehicles won’t ever be a problem. Riders of this bike will also like its deep rumble and soul-satisfying sound. From there, you’ll enjoy an array of custom-inspired blacked-out finishes. Plus, its moto-style bars then have smooth 4-inch risers! To keep the wind at your back and out of your face, a mini speed screen comes standard. However, the most defining element of the 2021 Low Rider® S has to be its 1-inch diameter motocross handlebars. As such, you’ll be in total control as you enjoy an unquestionably riding stance. All in all, this performance factory-custom cruiser is the ideal combination of authentic H-D® heritage and modern power.

Key Features of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S

• Controlled upright riding position
• Easy-access mid-mount foot controls
• Premium windscreen
• Iconic West Coast style
• Deep V-Twin rumble
• Nimble precision handling
• Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-Twin engine
• Moto-style drag bars
• Superior braking and agility

Potent Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-Twin Engine

With this engine, you will enjoy heaps of torque for blasting away from stoplights, passing other cars, weaving through traffic, or hitting interstate entrance ramps. Plus, you’ll get a satisfying and deep rumbling sound!

Stunning Frame and Chassis

The Low Rider® S’s frame retains signature Softail lines with a lightweight design. Its stiffness then translates to a responsive ride like no other!

Superior Responsiveness With the S Model

With 2021’s Low Rider® S model, the specific frame rake has been reduced from 30 to 28 degrees. This makes for a responsive ride with superior handling. So, if performance is your priority, the Low Rider® S is worth looking into!

Fork is Inverted

The inverted design and stiffens of this bike’s front end lead to an improved response when steering. Then, internal single-cartridge technology responds quickly for improved braking and overall handling.

Cast Aluminum Matte Wheels

You’ll love the way these stunning cast-aluminum wheels radiate a matte dark bronze shine. They beautifully complete the raw and dark look of the 2021 H-D® Low Rider® S.

Solid Performance Brakes

For 2021, this motorcycle has stronger braking and performance than ever before. Therefore, you can stop with less lever effort.

Easily Adjustable Mono-Shock and Rear Suspension

The Low Rider® S’s easily adjustable mono-shock and rear suspension system allow for dynamic cornering capability. They also aid in quicker acceleration and braking! All of this while still effortlessly preserving the sought-after hardtail look.

Raw Dark Look and Blacked-Out Finishes

With many stunning new blacked-out finishes and moto-style bars that come with 4-inch risers, everyone will know that this machine was built for individualistic appeal. Combined with the windscreen, you’ll enjoy an aggressive yet convenient riding position.

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