2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® near Pocasset MA

2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® near Pocasset MA

2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® near Pocasset MA
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2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® Overview

Riders seeking a one-of-a-kind touring experience should definitely check out the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® from Harley-Davidson®. Masterfully designed to provide comfort and convenience without compromising on style or power, the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® comes with a range of impressive rider amenities! Serving as the paragon of control and comfort, this trike is fully locked and loaded. It offers premium design elements, a range of shimmering chrome accents, and a powerful Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight® 117 engine. With Kahuna controls and various compatible Kahuna accessories, it is easy to make this trike your own! You will also appreciate its bold styling, premium two-tone paint colors, and Tomahawk Wheels. Therefore, this is the perfect trike for those who want to seek thrills and adventure without sacrificing creature comforts. This trike is also a wonderful choice for those who wish to tour or ride through town with a passenger on the back. Then, it has a spacious trunk that has been uniquely streamlined to accommodate your gear, travel essentials, and more. No bones about it, this impressive mile-making machine has it all! Our Harley-Davidson® dealership has been proudly serving Pocasset riders for years. As such, we will work hard to help you find your dream trike or motorcycle. To learn more about the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® or find out about our dealership, call or visit us online! See the 2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® Near Pocasset at Boston Harley-Davidson®

Features of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide®

The 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® from Harley-Davidson® has a long list of impressive rider features and amenities. For 2021, you can also choose from a range of stunning two-toned or solid paint colors. These colors include Charred Crimson, Sunset Orange, and Sunset Black. Then, with various accessories, it is easy to customize this trike however you like! Standard features of the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® include an upright forward riding position, advanced infotainment system, fork-mounted fairing, a passenger seat with a backrest, a trunk, floorboards, and RDRS technologies. With the upright riding position, you will be able to sit confidently and comfortably in total control no matter how long the road ahead might be. Then, the solid floorboards and fork-mounted fairing make this trike a pleasure to control. Moreover, it has an advanced suspension that will give you a plush ride in town or on the interstate. From there, you will enjoy an advanced infotainment system. This Boom!™ Box infotainment system has been masterfully engineered to accommodate the needs of modern bikers. Every single element of this infotainment system is geared toward making your travel and connectivity experience that much easier. So, keeping connected wherever you roam will not be an issue. The 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® also comes with a standardly equipped suite of Reflex Defensive Rider System Technologies. Harley-Davidson®’s latest Reflex Defensive Rider System Technologies have been expertly designed and refined to enhance your control as a rider. These RDRS systems make the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® a wonderful option for riders of any skill level. In fact, since Harley-Davidson®’s RDRS features can assist you when braking, accelerating, or while controlling your powertrain, you will be able to ride with more confidence than ever before! Since the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® comes with one of the most powerful Twin-Cooled Engines available on any 2021 H-D touring bike, more control is always a good thing. Indeed, the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® has been equipped with a potent Milwaukee-Eight® 117 engine that will give you over 117 cubic inches of pure horizon-dominating capability! This engine then pairs with a set of premium Kahuna controls for sophisticated power and adrenaline throughout your entire ride! Add such, you can have tons of comfortable fun while seeking thrills out on the open road. Then, this trike comes with a set of three Tomahawk wheels. These wheels add style, performance, and balanced maneuverability like nothing else on the road. With bright signature LED lighting, a headlamp, fog lamps, brake lamps, signals, and a tail lamp, it is easy to defy the darkness with the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide®. Other premium features of this strike include heated seats and passenger seat covers for added riding comfort in cold weather conditions. A spacious trunk and passenger seat with a comfortable backrest are also standardly equipped! All in all, if you have been looking for a powerful trike that truly has everything imaginable, the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® from Harley-Davidson® is definitely worth taking out for a test ride!


• Balanced three-wheeler with contrasting Tomahawk Wheels
• Top-tier Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight® 117 engine
• Comfortable yet alert upright riding position
• Two-toned Limited Edition paint colors
• Six-speed Cruise Drive Transmission
• Floorboards
• Kahuna controls
• Standardly Equipped Reflex Defensive Rider System Technology
• Padded passenger seat with a backrest
• LED lighting
• Nimble fork-mounted fairing
• Evolved Boom!™ Box GTS infotainment system